Best Moses baskets for babies 2023: 8 tried and tested options

We've put the best Moses baskets to the test to help you find the most suitable one for you and your baby

The best Moses baskets are here, including MOKEE WOOLNEST, CHICCO BABY HUG 4-IN-1 and Snoo Smart Sleeper Baby Cot
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Sleep is important at any age and the best Moses basket for your little one can make all the difference between a good night's kip and a great night's kip. 

Helping to keep your baby safe, secure and snug, a Moses basket is the first bed they will lay their head to rest. One of the best things about a Moses basket is the fact that many are portable, meaning you can keep your bundle of joy right by your side, no matter the time of the day. Most experts recommend using one of the best Moses baskets from birth until your baby is 6 months of age or starting to sit up. Once they reach this all-important milestone, it's time to move your baby to one of the best cot beds or one of the best bedside cribs

Back in the day, a Moses basket was a simple and sturdy wicker structure that was built to keep your baby snug and secure, while you watch over them. But nowadays, there is a whole host of designs and options to choose from. From versatile bassinets that can be moved around easily, to modern, multi-functional high-tech designs that play lullabies and sounds and can gently rock your baby to sleep with the tap of a button. 

We know it can be hard to find the right choice. So, to help, our Consumer Editor has rounded up her pick of the best Moses baskets all suitable from birth and then tasked a panel of experts - who are all mums - to put each one to the test. Here's what they had to say...

Best Moses baskets 2023 - our top picks

The Alysha Moses Basket by Mack + Milo (currently out of stock but the Alexandro Moses basket is a very similar design by the same brand) gets our vote as the best Moses basket you can buy. It's affordably priced but the design appeal is off the charts – it looks like a luxurious, premium product. There's no need to buy any pricy extras either because they're all included - that means no annoying hidden costs. We especially like the stylish look and feel of this Moses basket and the fact that it's considerably cheaper than many other Moses baskets out there. 

However, if you're looking for a top-of-the-range Moses basket, the PurFlo Breathable Bassinet gets our vote as the best premium option. Meanwhile, if you're shopping for a brilliant Moses basket on a budget, we recommend going for the Natural Knitted Moses Basket from Little Green Sheep.

Finally, the Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper Baby Cot deserves special mention. Our reviewer, who put it to the test with her four-week-old baby, says it drastically improved the whole family's sleep - and thus changed their lives!

You can also read about how we test and review products to find out how we chose the best travel Moses baskets to feature in this guide. 

Best Moses baskets 2023 as reviewed by our testers

Best Moses baskets - Mack + Milo Alysha Moses Basket with Stand

1. Mack + Milo Alysha Moses Basket with Stand

Best Moses basket overall - a luxurious model with a rocking stand


Weighs: 8kg
Age range: 0-6m
RRP: £108.99

Reasons to buy

Bedding included
Rocking stand 
Very stylish

Reasons to avoid

Rigid structure
More stylish than functional

Stock Note: The Alysha Moses Basket is currently out of stock at Wayfair so you might like to look at the Alexandra Moses Basket (£108.99) which is a very similar design by the same brand, Mack + Milo.

Our consumer editor says: This is one of the best Moses baskets money can buy. It's a chic and contemporary Moses basket that comes with cosy, luxurious bedding as well as a mattress. It has a rocking stand, which makes it a good choice for soothing your baby to sleep whilst sparing your back. It's practical as well as stylish, and not too heavy to move from room to room for daytime naps.

Tested by: Katie Prior, mum to Ryker, six weeks.

Our tester found this easy to assemble, although some of the screws were a little stiff. "It's really simple and straightforward to put together, and didn't take us long to assemble," she says. "The basket liner and blanket are made from beautifully soft waffle fabric, which looks very luxurious and comfortable – like putting my baby to sleep on a little cloud."

Made from wicker, this Moses basket is sturdy and robust with a rigid, fixed hood. This means access to your baby is a little restricted. However, our tester's baby seemed happy being in this fairly enclosed space. This is a good choice if you plan to move your Moses basket between rooms on the same floor - our tester found it easy to lift and carry thanks to the robust handles. However, it's a little bulky for carrying up and down stairs frequently.

The rocking stand is a lovely feature, although there's no fixed setting, which means you can't stop it from rocking. That's not necessarily an issue but it could mean your baby comes to rely on the rocking motion in order to sleep.

Verdict: "This is a gorgeous product and great value for money," adds Katie. "The bedding is soft and looks very comfortable, and the rocking stand is great, particularly as my baby loves being swayed to sleep."