Chinese birth chart: Will I have a boy or a girl?

A Chinese birth chart predicts whether you're expecting a girl or a boy, see for yourself...

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A Chinese birth chart uses your age at conception and the month you conceived to predict the sex of your baby.

While predicting your baby's sex before your 20-week anomaly scan isn't usually possible, this ancient Chinese birth predictor claims to be surprisingly accurate. Using astrology and the lunar calendar, this method predicts if you will have a boy or a girl. So, all you need at hand is your age at conception and the month of conception.

"It was right for me," mum-of-one, Kiran tells us. "I was 35 when I fell pregnant and we conceived in March time. And we had a boy!"

Similar to other methods, such as the famous Nub Theory, Ramzi theory, and some old wives' tales about pregnancy, the Chinese birth chart can be used to predict your baby's sex. While there's no scientific evidence that any of these theories work, they can be fun to try while you wait to find out for sure!

Dr. Jessica Chen, a professor of cultural anthropology and expert in Chinese traditions, tells us more about Chinese birth charts. "Chinese birth charts, also known as Chinese gender prediction calendars, hold significant cultural value in Chinese society," says Dr. Jessica. "They have been passed down through generations and are considered a part of the rich cultural heritage. While these charts may lack scientific evidence, they continue to be used by some families for fun and anticipation during pregnancy."

Chinese birth chart: Will I have a boy or a girl? 

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How do I work out if it's a boy or girl with the Chinese birth chart?

Working out if you will have a boy or a girl using astrology and the Chinese birth chart is simpler than it sounds.

Just look at the Chinese birth chart above and find the number for how old you were when you conceived on the left. Then, look along the top row for the month your baby was conceived. The square where the two meet will show if you're having a boy or a girl according to the Chinese birth chart.

Unlike the Nub, Ramzi Theory or Skull Theory used to predict a baby's sex, you don't need to have a ultrasound scan photo in order to try this gender prediction test. Instead, the Chinese birth chart takes into account your age and month of conception.

What is a Chinese birth chart?

An ancient Chinese birth horoscope, also known as an astrology baby gender prediction chart or Chinese birth sign calculator, considers your age and the month you conceived to predict your baby's gender using principles of astrology and the lunar calendar. The goal is to work out whether you will have a boy or a girl. 

This ancient tradition goes back over 700 years when the Chinese birth chart - sometimes known as the Chinese gender predictor - was uncovered in the tomb of a monk in Beijing. When archaeologists examined the chart, they found that it was based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and used as a method of astrology baby gender prediction.

Over the centuries, expectant parents have used this Chinese birth horoscope and Chinese birth sign calculator for fun as they await their gender reveal scan. While not scientifically proven, some find the astrology principles surprisingly accurate for guessing their baby's sex before the 20-week ultrasound.

How accurate is a Chinese birth chart?

While some experts claim the Chinese birth predictor lunar age method can be up to 93% accurate, there's no scientific evidence this is the case.

However, anecdotally, many pregnant people say the Chinese gender predictor pregnancy calendar was the most accurate (non-medical) way of revealing their baby's sex baby before their anomaly scan. And, as it's based on your age and the month you conceived, you can consult the Pregnancy Chinese gender calendar chart at any point during your pregnancy. While we can’t claim any official scientific research behind the Chinese birth chart, it seems to work for lots of satisfied parents.

For example, let's do the maths in reverse for Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales was 31 years old when Prince George was born. Prince George was born in July, and  July babies are usually conceived in October. In October, Kate would have been 30, as her birthday is in January. So, on the Pregnancy Chinese gender calendar chart, go to 30 for her Chinese birth predictor lunar age and over to October for the month conceived - it predicts Male.

While fun to try, it's best to take any gender prediction with a pinch of salt. But the Chinese gender predictor chart can provide excitement until your ultrasound scan or even wait to find out the sex of your baby at birth!

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Dr Jessica Chen

Dr. Jessica Chen is the Chief Clinical Officer at ChenMed. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Chen she has particular interests in women's health, preventive medicine, global medical missions, exercise, and nutrition. She is board certified in internal medicine.

Trying to find out the sex of your baby can be a bit of fun, although many say to never rely on it. There's the nub theory, Ramzi's theory, or you can try one of these old wives' tales. Once you've had fun figuring out boy or girl, don't miss out on the best gifts for new mums or best gifts for new dads - trust us, the leak-proof, open-with-one-hand water bottle is a game changer.

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