Mixtape | Foisting the Paperweight


Please accept this heavy blue thing as a token of our desire for free advertising.

  1. Shadows & Light – Saudade [Amazon Music]
  2. Lord of Calendars – Pile [Bandcamp]
  3. No Walls, No Air – Gum Takes Tooth [Bandcamp]
  4. Yn Ol i Annwn – Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard [Bandcamp]
  5. Cemetery – Brutus [Bandcamp]
  6. Take Me With You – Holy Fawn [Bandcamp]
  7. I Liked You Better Before You Went to Art School – Sugar Horse [Amazon Music]
  8. Holding Pattern – Big Brave [Bandcamp]
  9. Wake up the Possessor – Waste of Space Orchestra [Bandcamp]
  10. Beyond Black Suns – These New Puritans [Official Site]
  11. The Evil Empire – Jay Glass Dubs feat. Ben Vince [Bandcamp]

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