Monthly Playlist: June 2021


I know I said I had more stuff planned for this site, but it all went out the window. I won’t go into details but 2020 and Covid-19 sucked butt. It still sucks butt!

I’ve been tentatively working on new ideas, in between other reflections on my health and outlook that isn’t related to anything that’ll show up here. I can’t promise when and what anything will be, as I’m focusing on creating stuff for myself first.

In the meantime, here’s this.

This will be a monthly playlist of 10 songs, picked from whatever made my ears go mm nice during the said month. No other theme, no big ideas, and the playlists will be as long as whatever 10 songs winds up being. If nothing else, I like to keep a record to myself of how my tastes change over time. People who know me probably recognise that I barrel through genre obsessions at a clip that makes me look either like an omnivorously curious soul or an obnoxiously embarrassing tourist. I’m hoping that a few months or even years of this monthly playlist, no fancy theming or mixing, will be a nice compendium of the stuff that interests me, even as it changes and I barely recognise the David who put a particular song in a particular playlist years before.

It’s quite likely that this paragraph will be once again used as an apologia for my own motivational problems later down the line. I’m a serial project-abandoner, as this website is a living testament to, and I’d like to change that. I even considered deleting this site entirely, but then I forgot about it and the yearly payment for the domain name went through. And to be brutally honest, I don’t want to let the domain go. lol. Like I said, I’m thinking about new projects, and the last year has made me pretty eager to put a line under stuff that dominated my time and attention the years before.

Anyway, enjoy the playlist, and here are some links to support the artists.

Grimes’ partner is the richest man on earth. You could buy her album, and/or consider donating to an organisation tackling wealth inequality. Yes I am very aware of the incongruity of putting uber-rich popstar before the explicitly leftist band. If this annoys you, just know I did it on purpose.

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